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About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is known as an art of massage and finger pressure combination on the reflex points. The purpose of shiatsu massage is to mobilize the energy that is blocked through pressure, rocking, stretching and contact. It is based on thousands of years of oriental philosophy and healing methods.

It combines the techniques of relaxing and decontracting massage offering deep relaxation and long-term results.

Shiatsu massage is neither painful nor invasive technique of therapy. The massage is carried out without taking off the clothes, therefore there is no use of oils.

This massage differs from most of the other types of massages because of the benefits that comes with it, involving physical, mental and emotional aspects. It is a therapy that not only restores physical aspects dealing with pain and discomfort, but also has calming and smoothing effects. It harmonizes and revitalizes different areas of the body, helps to control both stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system and improves mental well-being.

Shiatsu - relaxing massage in Manacor

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Relaxes the body and mind

It helps to release tension and reduces stress, both physical and emotional. It also offers deep relaxation.

Harmonizes vital energy

It improves health and vitality. It also promotes a state of mental clarity.

Relieves mild or chronic pain

Relieves physical pain such as back pain, lumbago, joints, stiffness … Besides, it tones the muscles.

Prevents illnesses

Channels excessive emotions (sadness, anger, fear, worry …)

Stimulates self-healing

It helps to regain better sleep, digestion, and other physiological disorders. It also increases physical performance.

Improves blood and lymph circulation

It also regulates the nervous and hormonal system (fertility, premenstrual symptoms, headaches …)

About me

Hello, my name is Paula Hrešková and I am a Shiatsu therapist.

I dedicate myself to holistic therapies for the love of health, life, others and myself. I don´t consider it as a job but rather a gift and a privilege to be able to do it. It is what connects me with who I am, what I am passionate about.

The holistic vision from which I work consists of treating human being from all areas: body, mind and emotions.

I am currently living in Mallorca offering Shiatsu therapies in Manacor. I speak Spanish, English, Slovak and Czech.

Shiatsu Therapist Mallorca Manacor

Other techniques

Along with shiatsu, I sometimes combine other techniques, such as reiki or medical biomagnetism, which promote harmony in order to create deep relaxation which helps the body to release stress and tension.

Shiatsu is a manual technique that combines both physical and energetic anatomy, as well as meridians and acupuncture points. It allows you to have peace spaces and spaces of encounter with yourself, because in the end it is you, I simply accompany you to make it happen.

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